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    I’d like to add to the css style #title-area

    I’d like specifically to add:
    background-blend-mode: multiply;

    This will allow me to add a grayscale picture for the title and have it blended in with the chosen background color, creating a nice consistent color theme without having to edit every single image (and not to have to redo the work if we change color scheme).

    I could add it to style.css, but I am wondering if there is another place to do it, that will survive future upgrades to the template 🙂

    Hope you can help.


    You can add the same in Custom CSS tab of theme options or you can use a plugin like this one –

    That should survive all updates to the theme.

    Or you could add this to your child theme style.css too, if you have a child theme configured in the site.


    simple-custom-css totally worked, I just added!

    /* Enter Your Custom CSS Here */
    #title-area {
    background-blend-mode: multiply;


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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