Reply To: Weston Font


Yes..I knew there must have been a step I missed or a font name that I neglected to swap out.
I really thought I got them all.
I also thought that perhaps that I may have had a conflict with editing the style.css directly and then also in the Custom Styles tab. It was a bit of a cluster****.

Due to the fact that the above tutorial is using a particular font and all of the instances need to be swapped out, the steps might be better served with a screenie of the code with all of the font-family changes highlighted as well as the URLS.

Also, I think I may have gotten a little confused with the instructions in the style.css editor. I liked that they were there, and they were quite clear, but being an intermediate and working with a brand new theme can lead to bold but pointless .css editing when something is not working after a few hours. I ended up going back and forth several times and wasn’t sure which code was the true cause of the problem. You may want to add another /* line reinforcing the Custom CSS Tab override. The appearance of redundancy can cause confusion. (Did for me anyway.)

Hope that helps.

Finally, two things:…
I would like to stop pulling Weston from your site. I should just be able to use the working Outage code and swap out URLS and font-families, correct?

And finally…Can I now import the Outage font into the Rev Slider? I tried just calling it up in the “Edit CSS” tab, but I know I must need an @import line. Can you help me out here or would you like me to start a new thread?

If there was a 6th star to give, I would gladly give it.