Reply To: Weston Font


Ok I did not realise this. Since you are not the one who started the thread, you could not see the private message. Here is the message in full –

I was able to get the fonts working. I changed the URLs a bit. For Weston, I had to change the URL from……

For outage font, I had to change the font-family in the markup in the style.css. Looks like you missed changing the font-family to outagregular for heading styles in the child theme style.css even though you inserted the URLs for the font there.

To make outage work in Firefox I changed the URL to from for the font artifacts.

I am really sorry this caused trouble for you. Obviously, in most cases like this, a single step missed will invalidate everything else. It will help others too if you can tell me the exact step I missed since we sometimes we just assume certain things.