Reply To: Theme Updates


I know I should be using the child theme, I’m just not sure which one/where it is. Is it the one that’s on the theme options panel?

What should I do about the changes I’ve already made to the regular css file? Can I just copy and paste the entire file in the child theme when I find it? Unfortunately, since I wasn’t using it in the beginning I’m not sure what to do about the changes I already made to the parent file…

My website is This is the link that said it was broken on mobile devices (and it’s still not working- it’s always worked on the computer though) but if you just type in the url on the phone a version of the website will come up, but if you look at the blog page you’ll see the pages are all squished.

Also, I had asked about changing the colors of all the the tab like buttons (like the Post Comment button, date on the blog and some other buttons) are still orange. Someone on the forum had sent me some psd files and I changed the colors and re-uploaded them, but nothing happened. Those pictures didn’t look exactly like those button did either, so maybe I’m missing a file? Is there a place I can access those myself?

Thanks for your help!