Reply To: Theme removed – how do update?


I can understand your concerns. The theme was removed since there was very little activity after we released newer themes – about 1 purchase a week average. Even though we had about 240-250 purchases hardly anyone talked to me about updates, issues etc. In fact, I did not have a single query or issue reported for nearly three to four months, even from the new buyers. This even after we released couple of updates. It looked like buyers just customized the theme, completed their client or personal projects and were not concerned anymore. I just had one person email me every now and then asking the same queries every time and she was using the theme for multiple projects and I was not even sure if she was buying multiple licenses for these.

Emails to some 30-40 buyers I knew to know their interest seemed to evoke little response. In this situation, it did not make sense for us to keep the theme around and make my life and new buyers’ life harder. Hard to justify efforts when you have what looks like 2-3 people interested in it. I still have the theme preview site live up and running for existing buyers’ reference and this support forum will be around for a long time. If something related to theme breaks, I will be around to fix them too. Thanks for being honest with me on this.