Reply To: Smaller Slider or Smaller Static Image


Reposting this from email conversation for everyone’s benefit –

1) Do you have any plans to make a smaller homepage slider – in reference to height? What you have is nice — but, it’s just too big for us.

– I have sent the code to make this happen for couple of people and the solution should be posted on the forum. I will provide this option in the options panel so that someone does not need to mess around with code. At present, my time is all occupied with making the theme responsive and I plan to release it along with a few other updates this week.

3) What about giving us an option for a smaller static image in place of the homepage slider?
-To have a static image, you can just disable the sliders from the options panel ( and then drag and drop the html content with the desired image to ‘Slider Area’ widget in the widgets sections. I can create such HTML content inside WordPress post edit window. That will help show the image instead of slider in the top portion of the page.

2) What about making a smaller “mini” slider with static content on the right or left of the mini slider?
– Having a mini slider is a good idea indeed. If you need this urgently, I can provide the same but if you can wait until next week it will be great. It is actually pretty simple enough – create a two column layout using column shortcodes with one column having the slider and the second one with some custom HTML content. If you see our home page, there is a slider inside the accordion which tries to demonstrate that sliders can be placed anywhere you want. You would put similar slider content inside the first column of this two column layout. Again, we can use the custom widget area ‘Slider Area’ to input this content.

Hope this answers your questions.