Reply To: Slider won't slide


Those arrows are nothing but images and you can control their number and position by adding additional img tags of your own to the following HTML you see in the page sections called Features and Showcase –

Feature 1 ... Feature 4

And since it is just fade-in effect (they don’t move as part of animation), you can place these arrows anywhere you want by modifying the top and left values in following CSS in style.css file –

#feature-pointers img.feature1 { top: 62px; left: 390px; }
#feature-pointers img.feature2 { top: 160px; left: 10px; }
#feature-pointers img.feature3 { top: 300px; left: 370px; }
#feature-pointers img.feature4 { top: 310px; left: 10px; }

You may insert the modified CSS into Custom CSS tab in the Theme Options panel or the /custom/custom.css file. Hope this is clear enough.