Reply To: Responsive Format


Well I have invested enough hours on this and I getting a feel that this is going nowhere. Yesterday I spent 2 hours investigating this and testing it on my iPad/iPhone and today I am hearing you talk about iPad 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5, 2 day old iOS 7 and do not what will be next.

Sorry, we said at that start that this theme is designed to be responsive and we cannot guarantee anything if you want to customise it to be non-responsive. And I am getting a feeling that this client is just nitpicking and there is no theme out there which will meet their needs. First, it is hard to find a good theme which is non-responsive these days – every theme I know is responsive. Next, there is no guarantee that this theme will work right in all the various devices and iOS versions you talk about. If they have the time to perfect it for all devices, I think they have some technology which is not of much use these days. I am not trying to be rude here, but for the first time I am feeling really sorry that I spent so much time on a support thread.