Reply To: Responsive Format


Sorry folks – went through a major update for one of my previous themes with WooCommerce integration and this took a while. Now for the queries –

metalpotatouk – I do not think it makes sense to have responsive function for desktop only and not for tablets/smartphones. The theme should look fine with or without responsive function disabled from 1280px and above resolutions. And there are only “handful” of desktops out there with resolution below that. And those with very low resolution monitors can always scroll just a bit if required to view all content. I personally see no benefit in providing responsive function to desktop users and I do not know of a way to enable it only for desktops without using some type of hack JS code which checks for mobile devices like iPhone/iPad and disables responsive function.

Second – I am unable to access dmcmullen site – it’s looking for a password. Can you pls post the login in a private message so that I can take a look at the site in my iPhone/iPad and see what’s happening? Thanks.