Reply To: Reducing Nivo Slider Height


Here is the solution for Nivo Slider shortening. It is a bit tricky but not too difficult.

Apart from the below css change, you will need to add the code –

In the {theme directory}/framework/presentation/slider-manager.php, under the display_nivo_slider() method, change the line number 146 from –

$args = array('image_size' => 'slider-thumb',
'size' => 'full',
'extra_shadow' => false

to your preferred custom size –

$args = array('image_size' => array('width' => 960,'height' => 325),
'size' => 'full',
'extra_shadow' => false

Make the following css change in custom.css located in /custom like below so that when you update the theme, the custom changes are retained to the max extent possible. My mistake, it is not documented in the theme and hence most do not come to know of it.

#nivo-slider {
height: 325px;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 15px -3px black; /* Replace the existing shadow */

#nivo-slider-wrapper {
background: none; /* get rid of that existing shadow */

Hope this helps. This needs to be an option in the Enticing Options Panel. Will include slider height as an option in the next update. Thanks