Reply To: Quick Website Tweaks


The slight offset of slider images in iPhone can be fixed programmatically by changing the top, left or width values in the Custom CSS below for the iPhone resolution –

@media screen and (min-width: 320px) {
.iphone-slider-container .flex-slider-container {
top: 18.9%;
left: 14.1%;
width: 71.78%;
height: 65%;

I think better solution would be to actually have a black background for the iPhone slider image. That way slight variations like this which occur only in certain resolutions would not bother you. Will send you a new staging iPhone slider screenshot for the slider so that this issue will get resolved automatically.

For the logo issue, I am not able to login with the credentials you have provided. But from the source code I see that you have not specified the width and height of the retina logo which is the root of this issue. You should see the logo appear on the phone if you provide the actual height and width of retina logo image in the theme options panel as seen below –