Reply To: Portfolio Filter with category parent/children only


Ok…I think I have narrowed down the issue.

As stated above, I swapped out the code in line 450 as suggested. (It is now the shorter code you posted in reply #2782)

The portfolio entries (in the portfolio templates) load as one would expect, last first, when inside a defined portfolio template. Beautiful. No problems there.

However, the “recent work” portfolio shortcode in the home page seems to disregard post times and loads entries at random. (If a tag term is specified, it loads those tags at random.)

Maybe there is something amiss in the homepage code that I unwittingly screwed up?
Here is that code:

[segment][show_post_snippets post_type="portfolio" number_of_columns=4 post_count=7 image_size='medium' excerpt_count=100 display_text="true" show_excerpt="true" hide_thumbnail="false"  post_type="portfolio" intro_text="

Our Recent Work

Here is a small sample of our most recent work. Be sure to check out our entire portfolio to get a better understanding of what we can create just for you."][/segment]

If the entries in the general portfolio templates loaded randomly, I don’t think I would mind that much. But a “Recent Work” shortcode should definitely be loading the most recent first.

I know that development is an ongoing process and I do not expect solutions overnight.
Your work is genuinely appreciated.