Reply To: Portfolio Featured Image on Single Item page?


If I understood your requirement right, you want the featured image to not show up on single portfolio pages and want to show a slider of images on the top of every poretfolio item page ( looks like a great idea to showcase your work ). Easiest way to accomplish this without touch the code of any of the theme files is to have this piece of CSS entered into Custom CSS tab in theme options panel –

.single-portfolio img.featured { display: none; }

for specific portfolio page, you can have the following Custom CSS –

.single-portfolio.postid-128 img.featured { display: none; }

The above code will make featured image to not show up on the single portfolio page.

For slider, just insert the following shortcode (none of these options are required if you are happy with defaults set by theme) into the top of the portfolio item –

[responsive_slider direction_nav=true control_nav=false slideshow_speed=6000 animation_speed=500 pause_on_action=true pause_on_hover=true easing="swing" style="margin-bottom:20px;"]
  • business-card2
  • business-card2
  • business-card3

Hope this helps.