Reply To: Portfolio Category Page?


Tuesday or Wednesday of next week sounds great! Thank you!

As for the details of what I have envisioned?

I would like the ability to use the “Portfolio 3 Columns Sortable” template page as my parent page. This would be the main page for my portfolio categories.

From there I would make a drop down menu and include a page for each one of my portfolio categories. The template that I would like to use for the portfolio category page would be “Ajax Portfolio 3 Columns” page.

Perhaps there can be a way to enable a sidebar to the portfolio category pages? If not it is all right.

Also, another question on the sortable pages. Why is it that whenever I click on a category filter link, the page is automatically redirected to the top instead of loading the category right there? This is kind of annoying in my case because I have a large header. So you can only imagine the inconvenience.

But thank you for working with me, it is truly appreciated.