Reply To: Portfolio


Looks like you want the details of the project to be shown in the popup (like all the images for that portfolio item) upon clicking the portfolio item. Displaying images from a single portfolio item in a lightbox would make sense only when you have the single portfolio item open. Otherwise, it can confuse the user since countless themes/sites are not built the way you are describing. Lightbox displays the images on the page and not outside it.

It may make sense to have a simple popup (not lightbox) display some or all details of the portfolio upon clicking the zoom icon ( name, client, few images for that project etc.) but this theme currently does not support it.

It is also useful to have lightbox for images shown within a single portfolio but again the theme does not support at present. I plan to release lightbox gallery support in a future update of enigmatic similar to what you see in one of my recently updated theme –

and then you would be able to create a image gallery for a single portfolio entry that can display all the images in a lightbox. Hope this makes sense. Thanks