Reply To: Logo gets lost when i view from smart phone


For the page header, you will have to add the following css code to the “Custom CSS” in the theme options and change the values to your liking

.custom-title-area h1 { font-family: "Arvo"; font-size: 72px; font-weight: 900; }

For the slider, you have to edit one of the slides and you will see a button to “Edit CSS”, click the button and add the following code into the text area and update the css file. Make sure to change the font related values to your liking.

	color: #e5e5e5; 
	text-shadow: none; 
	font-weight: 900; 
	font-size: 72px; 
	line-height: 80px; 
	font-family: "Arvo"; 
	text-align: center;	
	margin: 0px; 
	border-width: 0px; 
	border-style: none; 

After that add a layer to the revolution slider and add some text to that layer. Set the class of that text layer to the “extinct_white” and update the slide.