Reply To: IE8



Thank you for your quick reply.

I have placed some screen grabs in a dropbox folder on the link below.

screen1.jpg (home page example but happens on all pages):
This shows the error with the responsive header in all browsers. If you have the window open full size and the scroll down so the sticky header replaces the usual one. Then if you make the window smaller, the menu does not collapse in the same way as it does with the normal header.

screen2.jpg ( & screen3.jpg (
These show the issue with the images in Internet Explorer 8. It looks like they are breaking out of their divs?

screen4.jpg (
This shows the issue with the flexslider in Internet Explorer 8. As you resize the window the caption goes strange and disappears off of the slider container.

I hope these help you to find out what is happening.

Thank you very much.