Reply To: IE8


Thank you very much for taking the time to do this for me. I tried the new css and it was still forcing horizontal scroll. I have just adjusted the min-width as below and it works fine for me now…

/* Do not allow IE to respond to browser resizes */
#sticky-menu-area, #mobile-menu .inner, #header-area, #custom-before-content-area, #before-content-area, #bottom-area,

#footer, #main { min-width: 920px; }
body.fluid-width-page .segment-content, body.fluid-width-page .breadcrumbs {
min-width: 920px;

#container { min-width: 960px;} /* New change */

#content .contact-form LABEL {
display: block !important;

I will just ensure my images are the actual size for the container or declare height and width in the ie8.css.

Thank you very much for this. Your support is very good.