Reply To: How to change the map location in Contact Us page


Hi LiveMesh,

This is my code on the contact us page … doesn’t work:

[segment id=”contact-us-section” class=”last-segment”]
<h2>Contact Us Below</h2>
<p>… And we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can (usually 48 hours) if necessary!</p>

[contact_form subject=”true” human_check=”true”]


<div id=”sidebar”>
<h2>Contact Information</h2>

<div id=”contact-sidebar” class=”contact-info”>
<h3 class=”label”>Our Office</h3>
<span class=”street1″>75 Bukit Timah Road<br>#05-10 Boon Siew Building<br>Singapore, 229833</span>

<h3 class=”label”>Contact Us</h3>
<span class=”phone”>+65 6338 8979</span>
<span class=”email”>admin [at]</span>

<h3 class=”label”>Follow Us</h3>
[social_list twitter_url=”; googleplus_url=”; youtube_url=”; linkedin_url=”; flickr_url=”; facebook_url=”; include_rss=”true” align=”left”]


[googlemap width=”1140″ height=”300″ link=”false” src=”,103.847762&sspn=0.002639,0.004128&hq=Boon+Siew+S%27Pore+Pte&t=m&z=19″%5D

What am I doing wrong?