Reply To: Home Page – Sections Menu


Ok there are two issues – one is that of experimental home and the other is of the navigation. This is just a configuration issue and not something to worry.

As I said earlier, the home experimental is just that – an experiment and hence needs to be ignored. Home and Home 2 is what you should be using. It’s hard for me to explain this but let me give a try anyway – what you see on demo site is all Home and Home 2 and the experimental pages are not linked or displayed anywhere. There is no way you can see these pages unless someone gave you their exact URLs. Having said that, the content that you see on the demo site is from page sections which help compose the Home and Home 2 single pages and you should have a look at these sections –

I would urge you to read through the very first section of the document thoroughly to obtain maximum benefit out of this theme and to leverage its flexibility. And probably your navigation issue too will get resolved too with that when you have the page sections in right order.