Reply To: general fixes to the theme setup


Here are the solutions to the issues raised by you –

1) I want to put a band of colour behind something on a page, how do I go about this, I see that they are grey boxes behind some in your demo content, but I want to change to yellow – what do I do to set this up.

– You just need to tell the [segment] shortcode your color. Each page is divided into multiple segments with its own colors, background images etc. You can go through the documentation a bit on this and if you have not done so already, pls load the sample data and make changes to it initially to get what you want. Actually working is easiest way to go about this.

So, you would create a segment with background color yellow, you would just enter a markup like this –

[segment background_color="yellow"]
My content

or you can enter a CSS class name as well if you have created one in the stylesheet like this –

[segment class="yellow-background"]
My content

with your CSS entry like this entered in the custom.css file or the Custom CSS tab in the theme options panel –

.yellow-background { background: yellow; }

Again, pls study the sample content a bit to see how this works.

2) On the home page slider, I don’t want to add any text in for the showcase sliders, if i dont put anything in – it leaves black shadow boxes over the top of my images that I want to go in the slider – how do i get rid of them?

– You can remove them by this entry in custom.css or Custom CSS tab in options panel –

.flex-caption { display: none; }


.nivo-caption { display: none !important; }

for the Nivo slider. Not ideal, but until the fix is in place, this works. For novice users, I would recommend you to check the revolution slider for maximum flexibility/options. Pls see the video tutorial

for setup instructions for this plugin bundled with the theme.

3) On the pages, I am putting an image at the top, again I don’t want to put the text over the top (the image has the text in it) and if i don’t put details in the custom heading content, it shrinks up the header image I have put in, if i leave in the coding that was there, and the text it makes the header stay the right height, but as soon as I remove the text, it shrinks the image depth?

– May be put a blank div in there if you really want to have only image as heading? Something like this in custom heading area may work –


When it comes custom heading content, the user has to specify the height or padding to simulate the required height (as above) as part of CSS or as part of inline HTML styling element. Custom heading are free form and very flexible, but rely on user to provide the required styling.

For someone who does not want to deal with HTML/CSS, the page/post options ‘Entry Title Background’ and ‘Page/Post Title Height’ help achieve similar function but the page/post title text will appear in the middle and hence would not meet your requirement. You are probably doing this elsewhere, but I prefer to have a textual title on the top within h1, h2 tags for SEO purposes.

4) The subscribe widget you are using in the footer, does that come with the theme, we have found a plug in, but then can’t change the colour of the sign up button? Plus I wanted it to go in the last column widget, but doesnt seem to work there, only in the second column? Also in the contact widget in the footer, how do i change the colour of the icons to white, instead of grey that they are currently in?

– You need to load the plugin supplied by MailChimp for the subscribe function. We just provide the styling for the service they provide. To change the color of the button, you will need to use built button CSS classes (see button class along with blue, orange, red etc. in page

or do something like this in CSS in custom.css file –

input#mc_signup_submit { color: #ffffff; background-color: #46a5d5; border-color: #37b4ee #1c8bbe #1c8bbe #37b4ee; padding: 8px 30px; margin: 0; }

like we did for MailChimp widget.

For footer customization, there is a setting in the theme options panel under Footer tab called ‘Footer Columns’. Pls play around with it a little bit and then under Widgets page in WordPress admin panel, there are widget areas named ‘Footer Widget Area One’, ‘Footer Widget Area Two’ and so on which help drag/drop the required widgets.
For changing the color of the icons, pls modify the file – {theme directory}/images/icons/widget-sprite.png.

5) When I scroll down the sticky menu at the top seems to go all the way across the right hand side (I have it set up for box layout) – how do I stop that from happening?

Sorry- this is a bug which is getting fixed in upcoming update. Pls see the forum post –

to fix the issue or make other changes to the sticky menu.

6)Also and lastly, when I first was working on the theme it was using Museo slab, which I want to use, but now seems to have defaulted to arial, and I can’t find Museo slab in the list of fonts in the theme, yet you are using it on the theme I purchased, help?

– Pls see the forum post –

Although I would love to have this font bundled with theme, the license for this free font does not permit us to do so. I can only provide the instructions on how to use this font. Getting a custom font to work is not too difficult either. Pls see the post above.

You will need to enter the font name as the custom font name in the theme options panel instead of choosing from the dropdown. This field allows you to use any custom font, free or paid ones, out of thousands available out there on the web which we are not part of the dropdown and then use a name of your choice for the font. Check out the excellent collection of fonts at

Hope this helps.