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1) Is there any way I can add text or some excerpt below individual image in a portfolio template?

Yes. Just have a look at the portfolio tab in the theme options where you will find the options prominently displayed to enter title and entry summary/excerpt.

2) How can I disable or hide the comment features from my website?

Pls have a look here –

3) Can I add in additional fields or remove or hide fields for the built in Contact form?

Pls have a look at – and all the options that we have for theme contact form is at the end of the post. If you need more options, pls use a plugin like Contact Form 7.

4) After I installed “Footer Text” plugin, the footer doesn’t appear when I create the footer text and links with the plugin editor. How can I solved this issue?

You probably went for this plugin to replace/modify the default footer text. There is an easier way to specify your own footer text in the theme options panel. Pls have a look under Footer tab of the theme options panel and it is prominently displayed there.

5) I also installed “Ckeditor” but found out that the original text editor will be gone, together with the “Add Shortcode” Button. Is there no way that Ckeditor can be used in this theme?

I have not used CKEditor; I guess you can use CKEditor, but you will need enter the shortcodes manually. Not very difficult since you have ample help in more than a dozen shortcodes pages under shortcodes menu dropdown in the preview site and in the sample data imported –

6) Can I use places and embed map which I have stored in “my map” under google map, where I specify the name and location of the place?

7) What’s the recommended frame size for embedding google map in full width and with sidebar

For maps, you will need to specify the default maps URL generated by Google maps. And if you change the URL from https:// to http:// the map automatically adjusts to the size of the container div. It can be as small or big as you want and will be responsive. If you need help with this, pls send me the address and I can generate the shortcode for you which will help achieve this.

8) how can I incorporate sending email verification for user to click contact confirmation and also adding Captcha to prevent spam bots?

I guess I already answered this query here –

For Captcha support, pls use plugin like Contact Form 7. The human check in the theme contact form does help in prevent automated submissions and spam bots to a large extent. Thanks for waiting.