Reply To: Enigmatic Theme issues



Glad you like the theme. I will address all the issues one by one

1) To change the color for the sticky menu items please navigate to theme options and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS” tab and save changes.

#sticky-menu > > li > a:hover {
color: #da4f49;

We will address this issue in the next update as well.

2) Social media icons are displaying fine in firefox here. We have tested it and so far we haven’t had anybody complain about it. What version of firefox you have? Can you please check this in some other machine and see whether the issue is there too?

3) Again the internal links are working fine here.

I did test your site in 4 different machines and no issues in any of them in all major browsers. Please let me know the version of firefox you are using and also please check in other machines if possible.