Reply To: creating a menu


I am quoting from the Step 4 explained in first section – Installation, in the help documentation file below –

“Step 4: This step is optional but if you want to use default WordPress menu to populate the top menu, you can do so by setting it as the primary menu in the Appearance->Menus tab in the WordPress admin. If you use the WP menu, you will need to setup all internal links to page sections inside a single page manually.”

Pls see the attached screenshot taken from the help file. For links to page sections, just insert the home page URL plus the slug of the page section with a # symbol prepended as seen the screenshot below. So, the features section would have URL like This way, these internal links are accessible all pages including the home page. Hope this resolves it for you.

If you still have issues, pls leave a private message for me here with a temporary login and I will setup the links for you. Thanks!