Reply To: Browser Jumping on Android Mobile Devices


Daryl – Had a look at this beautiful site. You did such a wonderful job – no doubt.

Not sure you already found a fix for this since I tried reproducing the issue with my Android smartphone and seemed to work perfectly. But then I have an older version of Android installed on it. I may be getting a newer version of Android on a new device today and will check once again to see if the problem recurs.

Also, regarding the links you sent –

1) Fixed positioned divs – I cannot see one on your site since sticky menu has been disabled.

2) translate3d – I did not see instances of this being used on your site. You have Nivo loaded which does not make use this CSS3 animation. We do use Flexslider in our theme for our slider shortcodes but I could not find you using it on this site.

Wish I could help more with this issue. Will get back to you once I check this site on the newer Android device. Thanks.