Reply To: /Blog Missing from Breadcrumb


I tested my local setup a little and looks like you are using the setting “Posts Page” in the Reading tab. If you do not specify this(see below screenshot), you should see the word “Blog” in the breadcrumb –

Not choosing the Posts Page seems to be the correct behavior when you have a static page specified as Front Page. You choose either one of them not both since if you do specify both, WordPress seems to be getting confused and treating the blog page too as home page (e.g., you will see the name Home suffixed to the page title displayed on the top – if you do not override it in the options). And it does not display the page title at all if you choose this option and applies h1 tag to the site title(logo link in the header) at the top instead of applying it to the blog page title.

Also make sure that the blog that your site utilizes is actually a page with page template ‘Blog’ chosen from the page templates dropdown as shown below –