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The theme does have some learning curve but once you understand a couple of things and why they exist, it all sounds easy and natural, IMO. Again, the sample data is your best guide. I also have a couple of video tutorials posted on setting up things. Pls check it out if you have not done so already –

and slider setup in another –

This theme is not too very different than others except for one small detail – segments. Any full width or home page created in the Enigmatic theme is divided into multiple segments (templates ‘Advanced Home Page’ and ‘Full Width’ only). To make life easy for everyone, I have created a shortcode named [segment] which takes care of complexities. Pls go through the theme documentation which talks about [segment] shortcode. Takes just a few minutes but helps you to be a little more creative in designing pages and helps achieve true CMS like functions with WordPress.

Also you can see numerous examples of segments and use of this shortcode to manage them in sample data pages. That should take care of content creation.

For slider setup, pls refer to the video tutorial above and you can easily import sample data for the revolution slider. If you still face trouble, send me an email with a temp login to your site and pls mention the content you want on your home page and I will do a quick setup for you. Probably, I will create one more video which talks exclusively about segments and how easy it is to use them to your benefit. Thanks