Reply To: Reducing Cycle Slider Height


Assuming 325px as the desired height, in the {theme directory}/framework/presentation/slider-manager.php, under the display_cycle1_slider() method, change the line number 413 from –

$args = array('image_size' => 'slider-thumb',
'size' => 'full',
'extra_shadow' => false

to your preferred custom size –

$args = array('image_size' => array('width' => 960,'height' => 325),
'size' => 'full',
'extra_shadow' => false

Also, pls paste the following css code in the Custom CSS tab in Enticing Options Panel –

#cycle1-slider-wrapper {
height: 325px;

The slider size needs to be an option in the options panel. WIll include the same in next update so that you do not have to make these code changes.